PVIC is committed to providing clients with the latest in service utility technology, offering clients dedicated customer service at affordable rates while maintaining high standards in environmental practices and employees health and safety. With over a decade of experience, Pipeline Video Inspection and Cleaning (“PVIC”) is a full service utility company offering clients a wide range of high quality services, including Video Inspection, Hydro-Vac Cleaning and Pipelining System Technology. PVIC works with clients to develop cost effective and efficient methods of completing each project in compliance with industry ethics and standards. continue

PVIC uses state-of-the-art technology video inspection equipment, which allows visual documentation of lines from 4” and upward in diameter. This remote controlled video camera offers full directional viewing in horizontal pipe or line using a pan-and-tilt or forward-viewing color video camera with remotely adjustable focus, ensuring a clear view at all times. This inspection technique is used by contractors to verify that projects have been completed correctly more PVIC often recommends the use of both video inspection and it’s cleaning services in order to visually monitor progress and accelerate the entire process whilst insuring a free flowing line. This high-pressured equipment loosens soil or blockages from around underground lines. The soil is simultaneously extracted by a powerful vacuum system and briefly stored in the debris tank. Therefore, safely exposing the infrastructure to the customer and/or verifying that the more In recent years, there has been great danger posed by utility cross bores. Cross Bores are intersections of an existing underground utility and a second utility which compromise the integrity of either structures. Cross Bores are mainly a result of horizontal drilling. Several projects show an average of 2-3 cross bores per mile of pipe. There are 2 classes of Cross Bores: (a) New utility directly into one existing utility. (b) New utility directly into two utilities. more


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